Operation Agape was birthed as a prayer movement on the 25th of December 1988 in the city of Ludhiana. From this initial prayer movement grew a mission organization with the aim to serve the people of India. We have now defined three areas of the ministry for the season of years – Establishing community of believers, Equipping Leaders, Empowering the Poor. Operation Agape is a network of churches and missions who aim to promote holistic missions in Northern India.

Why Establish Community of believers?

God’s plan for the church is to be a blessing to the community and to become strong in faith, growing in love towards God and love the community through acts of good works. We need to train every believer to be faithful to God, with strong teachings of Jesus and His apostles. Our main area of ministry is North India.

Why Equip Leaders?

The quality of the church depends on the quality of leaders that serve the church. Operation Agape is committed to train Christ Centered, Community Impacting leaders with Calling, Character and Competence.

Why Empower the Poor?

The nation of India have made significant progress economically and socially in the last season of years, yet poverty is a reality in many communities especially in North India . This is still a major challenge for the the Government and the society. About 32.7% percent of Indians are extremely poor with an income less than Rs. 100 ($1.25) per day. This poverty results in poor health, lack of education, poor housing, water & sanitation etc. Jesus gave us the Great Commandment, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” We fully believe in the social responsibility of the church as part of the mandate of the Great Commandment.